When CNL Commercial Real Estate needed to bring to life some of their internal philosophies and tell their story, they came to us. We were extremely honored and jumped at the opportunity. Real Estate is not necessarily something that we specialize in but, translating real stories and capturing who people really are is. They have a really unique team in the world of commercial real estate, not only because of the services they offer but also because of the people that work there. As they like to say “Its the Human element that makes us different”. This ethos is what drove our creative and how we brought it to life. It wasn’t just about taking candid photos of the CNL employees, the ethos permeated all the way into the script of the video which was interpreted off an actual e-mail we received from the president telling us what made CNL different. Our work with CNL Commercial Real Estate is a great example of what two companies can do together when each party comes to the table with full trust and respect for each others brands and team.


Creative Director
Chase Heavener

Director Of Photography
Matt Staker

Josh McWilliams

Josh Letchworth


Creative Direction
Video Production