Barn Light Electric

Barn Light Electric


Bryan and Donna invited us to visit Barn Light Electric for a location scout to get a feel for their brand beyond their main identity, theĀ Barn Light Electric website. As elegant & functional as their site was, it was missing part of their voice - their story. Their location, with an amazing view of Launch Pad 39a of Space Shuttle fame, is full of character and well, characters.

Every step of what they make passes through someones hands, and a lot of love and history goes into each piece. From this visit, we decided on a three-video suite to begin the journey of drawing back the veil and showing the who, hows, and whys of what they do: Installation, Process, & The Barn Light Story.


Josh McWilliams

Director of Photography
Matt Staker

High Speed Camera
Chase Heavener


Full Service Video Production Suite
Original Score

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