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Challenge - Adobe was looking to make their HOW Design Conference booth give-a-way something special.
Challenge accepted.

We combed over the keynote speaker list, selected and partnered with designer/speaker/influencer Aaron Draplin, wrote the strategy and we were off to the races. What we came up with was a crowd sourced campaign utilizing Adobe’s mobile apps in order to get renowned designer/speaker, Draplin, assets from any and every designer who looks up to him so that they could collaborate on designing Adobe’s booth giveaway. We utilized Draplin’s existing “Thick Lines” series to creative a “Cloud” to partner in, animated the call to action, and of course partnered with Mama’s Sauce for not only the print, but also as another influencer in the campaign in order to create maximum impact.


Chase Heavener

Director Of Photography
Matt Staker

Influencer Curation & Printing
Mamas Sauce

Aaron Draplin

Nick Sambrato


Video Production
Motion Graphics
Influencer Curation

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