Videri Coffee Bar


Our buds at Videri Chocolate Factory in Raleigh, North Carolina just opened their new coffee bar exclusively serving Stumptown Coffee. ( If you are unfamiliar with Videri check out our video here ). They really know how to get our attention, throwing a party with free local Trophy beer, free chocolate samples, Stumptown coffee...umm yeah, we were not going to miss this. They also had artist Sean Marlin showing and hanging out. Needless to say it was a great time...


The guys went to Stumptown and trained with their barista's so when you stop at Videri, you're not only getting the only shop in North Carolina serving exclusively Stumptown, but properly prepared Stumptown. Win Win. In addition, they carry Stumptown's delicious cold brew for the warm days ahead.


Artist Sean Marlin tastefully had his art on display, only adding more character to this rad shop with his clever animal characters. He was born in Florida so we are just wondering where his "Lizard" or his...wait for it... "Marlin" painting is... what up with that Sean?


The space is incredible, its in an old train depot with walls of chocolate like a chocolate library. They roast and make all of their delicious goods right in the store, towards the back is a huge roaster that you can walk around.

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The night was a success, everyone full of caffeine, chocolate and beer. There was no way we were leaving without a box full of chocoloate. So if you are in Raleigh, you have to stop by and see this place. They ship as well so go ahead and order some.