Tobias Funke Business Card

main pic cropHere in the Fiction office, we kept kicking around ideas to celebrate the new Arrested Development season coming out on Netflix this weekend. Being that we are now in the Final Countdown, we decided to cruise over to Mamas Sauce and re-create Tobias Fünke's hilarious business card as a 3-color letterpress print on super thick 220# Lettra stock - HUZZAH! know, just for fun. It's an ongoing joke in the series, so if for some sad reason, you "blue" it and havent watched it (*clears throat...Chase), all of this is going to be really confusing. For all the fans, read more for a chance to have a card of your own. We're literally giving them away..its practically A  

The show has done some really fun stuff getting people excited about the new release including setting up Bluth Banana Stands and releasing footage of Tobias auditioning his acting skills in this "internet video audition reel" called Insert Me Anywhere. Since we were re-creating his business card, we decided to "insert" him in the classic business card scene of American Psycho. 

And no, we didn't just lie there if that's what you're thinking...I mean, we didn't just make these cards for ourselves...would you like one to show your friends how serious of a fan you are, or even use as your own card (hopefully no one is in this profession...and god forbid you be card-less if you are)?


Don't leave your uncle T-Bag hanging, just share this blog post to Twitter from the comments section at the bottom and tag us @FCTN_LIFE with the hashtag #FUNKECARD so we can see it. We want to keep this simple and we want you to share this but make sure you carefully read the rules below. 


Giveaway Drawing:

Next Tuesday, May 28, we will pick 100 random people (twitter handles) who shared this here blog post to twitter with our twitter handle @FCTN_LIFE & the hashtag #FUNKECARD.

Limited to 100 cards only. Remember, we can't pick you if you don't @ tag us @FCTN_LIFE AND use the hashtag #FUNKECARD AND share this blog post. 


We will simply reply to your twitter handle with an email address.

When we reply to you, winner, just send your mailing address back to the email address provided and we will mail you a very limited, artisan hand letterpress printed Fünke card of your very own.

We will not use your mailing address, email or any of your information for anything other than sending you this card. We will not store it, sell it, write it on any walls, or post it online. You will never receive anything from us other than this card.


Twitter RulesTwitter Contest Guidelines

Contest only valid in the 50 United States.

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