Tebow’s Turkey Bowl


Welcome ladies and gentleman to the 2014 Tebow Turkey Bowl. The Tebow Turkey Bowl is an event that’s held annually by none other than Tim Tebow, along with his crew of football loving family and friends, as a Thanksgiving tradition. This year, Fiction got an invite to join the festivities. Needless to say, we were excited and scared at the same time, knowing what fierce competitors the Tebow’s are.


I’ve had the opportunity to play sports with the Tebow’s on multiple occasions, and they are hands down the most competitive humans I have ever met. There are no mistakes allowed. If you don’t perform, you will get the death stare until you make the play happen. This alone is motivation enough to never mess up. This is the other thing: every competition is the most important competition, you must give 1000% all the time, every time. Whether it’s a championship football game, checkers, or a conversation about who can eat a piece of pizza faster, EVERYTHING is a competition and everything must be won. That being said, I was really excited to bring the Fiction team into this environment and watch them get the piss scared out of them when they didn’t catch the ball : )


The group was split up in to 2 teams. Tim Tebow’s Yellow team, and Robby Tebow’s Black team. Tim and Robby were the dedicated quarterbacks of their team. Luckily, I was on Tim’s team, which I pretty much knew guaranteed me the win. 

teams_blk_ylw-6YELLOW TEAM_1teams_blk_ylw-8BLACK TEAM_1

The game started off with the first 2 opening possessions ending in turnovers. Not good for either sides morale, and ultimately raised the intensity of both quarterbacks.


The Black team (Robby’s team), came out strong scoring 3 points to the Yellow teams 1 point. If there is one thing historically that we all know about Tim, its that you never back baby into a corner. At this moment, being 2 points down, baby was in a corner. 

trky_bowl-2 trky_bowl-11trky_bowl_pass1

Being on Tim’s team, you could see the look in his eyes that there was nothing that was going to stop him from winning this game. He put us all in our positions and gave us specific instructions on what to do and what not to do. We quickly scored 2 touchdowns and the game was tied up.


There were 3 points left to score by both teams and it was anyone’s game. But, this wasn’t just about scoring, this was about stopping the other team. My defense was not on point during this game due to my lack of knowledge about football. Tim pulled me aside and said “you know how a goalie stops the ball from getting into the goal?“, I said “yes“, he looked at me and said “these two guys are the goal, don’t let the ball get to them“. On the next play, I came 2 inches from picking the ball from the other team, which in turn gave us the ball.


From that point on, it was our game. Tim went on a scoring rampage and scored 2 more points to put us 1 point away from eternal Turkey Bowl glory. But, the Black team wasn’t going to finish without a fight. Robby threw a LONG bomb to Bear and they came within 2 points of us. But at the end of the day, the Yellow team was victorious, and all was right with the universe.


All in all, what this day was really about was bringing the old gang together to hang out and have fun. We got to have a great Thanksgiving feast, and laugh and hang out like we do best. A special thanks goes out to the Tebow family for putting the event together. We can’t wait to come back and defend the title next year!