Friday Moment of ZEN

I always love when Jon Stewart does his Moment of Zen at the end of The Daily Show...this is sort of our version featuring Shop Dog Steve. Happy Friday.

Shop Dog:

Shop Dog Theo is a Newfoundland. Theo likes sleeping, slobbering, and being regal. His favorite Disney character is Eore, and his favorite food is whatever is in the trash. Theo enjoys saving people in the swimming pool, and farting in his sleep. His favorite color is baby blue and when he grows up he wants to explore the other side of the lake.

Shop Dog:

The first installment in our shop dog series is with Steve. Steve is a french bulldog who likes being a jerk, itching his front foot with his back claw, and snoring. Steve has a tattoo on his penis, and weighs about 30 lbs. Steve's favorite color is purple, and his favorite band is the Henry Rollins Band.