Happy Holidays From FICTION:
Christmas Sweater Givaway


Happy Holidays people! Everyone loves ugly Christmas sweaters...or do they? We decided to make our very own Fiction Christmas Sweater. Want to win one? We've got 10 extras with your names on them, just Retweet this post from @FCTN_LIFE and we will randomly select from the first 50 people to retweet this post. 

Tobias Funke Business Card

main pic cropHere in the Fiction office, we kept kicking around ideas to celebrate the new Arrested Development season coming out on Netflix this weekend. Being that we are now in the Final Countdown, we decided to cruise over to Mamas Sauce and re-create Tobias Fünke's hilarious business card as a 3-color letterpress print on super thick 220# Lettra stock - HUZZAH!...you know, just for fun. It's an ongoing joke in the series, so if for some sad reason, you "blue" it and havent watched it (*clears throat...Chase), all of this is going to be really confusing. For all the fans, read more for a chance to have a card of your own. We're literally giving them away..its practically A FIRE...sale.