Field Test:
iPhone 5s Slo Mo

OK, So first and foremost its important to note that this is a camera on your cell phone. Secondly…. THIS IS A CAMERA ON YOUR FREAKING CELL PHONE!!!! When we saw the 30th Anniversary Apple commercial shot entirely on the iPhone, we were inspired to go out and test the slow mo capabilities of the iPhone 5s. What we found was not only surprisingly impressive, but also its kind of mind blowing when you think that only 5 years ago the iPhone was introduced without video capabilities and is now shooting higher frame rates than the majority of prosumer video cameras on the market. So go ahead and push play on the first of our new series called "Fiction Field Tests". We will be taking all kinds of new technologies out into the field with us and posting fun content for you to nibble on in the up coming months. Hope you guys enjoy and stay tuned for more!