Drones, We Need To Talk


The FAA is proposing a new set of rules that will regulate the friendly skies for drones. So what that means is, its time to have "The Talk" with our drones. You know that whole, “this has been fun but, is there really anything here?”. Do you really see yourself bringing your drone home to meet your parents, talking about it at work with your bros, whispering sweet nothings to it on Snapchat... for better or for worse its time to "Define The Relationship" with drones. Lets be honest though, we’ve needed to have this talk for a while. We’ve crossed over the friend zone and are now well into a full blown relationship with these machines. We bring them with us on nature hikes, we're always watching the sunset together, we're constantly posting beautiful photos we’ve taken together. Its time...time for us to either get serious or move onto something else. 

The Verge:
The Future Is Now

the futures is fiction

We had the amazing opportunity to be a part of Intel's "The Future is Now" series featured on The Verge. They featured our drone work and showed how we utilize these awesome tools. "The Future is Now is a 10-part video series that explores people and companies using Intel-powered technology to reinvent the future."

Special thanks goes out to Jordy KleinXCam Aerials, LLC for providing their rad custom RED helis. As well as a huge thanks to Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts and Ronix Wake for letting us shoot at their amazing locations. 

Hope you guys dig!

Close Encounters Of The Phantom Kind


I've always loved the asthetic of the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind. I love how they used lights to imply the shapes of the UFO as opposed to spelling it out for the viewer. So I figured I would try to recreate a similar vibe with the DJI Phantom and see what would come of it. I attached some lights that I bought from Home Depot and shot some long exposure shots of the phantom flying around. I then brought them back into the computer and created some cool patterns in photoshop. Below are some of the comps I mocked up. I want to strap the worlds brightest flash light to it next and see what happens. Maybe fly it through a forest like a UFO with a tractor beam.

DJI Phantom:
What Is It And Why You Need One


I've been flying RC Airplanes for almost a decade now, always hoping that some day my love for RC flying and shooting images would come together and make beautiful aerial footage babies. Well people, that day is here! That's not to say that RC heli shooting hasn't been around, but to get into it required a professional level of experience in building and flying the machines, not to mention it being expensive. DJI has built the Phantom to cater to people just like me, who want a ready-to-fly machine that is easy and built for shooting. I decided to jump in and see what this thing was all about, and here is our official review of the DJI Phantom.