Live From CES 2014

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We're at the International Consumer Electronic Show, socially known as #CES2014, live blogging all of the new gadgets and tools as well as anything from the show that strikes our fancy, which could literally be anything...


When we decided to go to CES this year it, was for 2 reasons. One, we love the future and companies that push it, and two, these things called " gadgets " are what we use to produce the work we love doing. CES is a hyper fusion of consumer electronics like TV's, car audio, and iPhone cases mixed with a massive number of professional camera companies like Canon, Sony, and Nikon, to name a few. The Fiction crew went to the conference, so we only thought it fitting to give you our best, worst, and most fun parts of what some people call CES, but what we call "Nerdfest 2013".