SOUL Electronics:
Combat Series

Recently, we had the opportunity to produce the Tim Tebow portion of Soul Electronic's video campaign for their new Combat Series headphones.  Not only are the performance-specific headphones legit, but we had a great time shooting with Tim, as always.  Check out some BTS photos from our shoot.

Publix Vine Ripe Tomatos

title8There are two things we undeniably really love, the first, obviously, is food &  second is RC Helicopters. When we got the call from Publix to shoot one of their tomato farms, we were super pumped when they mentioned aerial footage. Essentially, this is a perfect tri-fecta for us, working with the team at Publix, eating, and flying RCs. 

New Publix Sub

_MG_9258crop2If there is one thing about the south east that we have that no one else has its Publix subs. They are legendary and in their own class. So when Publix contacted us to be the production team for their new Banh Mi inspired sandwich, our mouths started watering and we jumped at the chance to be apart of announcing this delicious innovation in sandwich architecture.

Welcome Josh McWilliams

jman crop

We are psyched to have Josh on our team as our newest Director. He just completed his first project for Fiction directing videos for Barn Light Electric, an incredibly cool lighting manufacturer and retailer based right here in Florida. We produced 3 videos highlighting what they do & how they do it. See the videos here.

Mr. Carter

We received a last-minute call from Alliance Visual Experiences requesting our DP to shoot an interview with Lil Wayne at his skatepark in Miami. Luckily, Matt just received his pilots license and was able to get to the job quickly. We shot this using a Red Scarlet with a Canon mount on a dolly, and a Canon 5D for B camera.

My Week with Gallagher

How do you say no to Gallagher when the phone call comes in that he’ll be down a week ahead of schedule? What does one do with ten days of Gallagher-time exactly? And, more importantly, how many life lessons does one learn, both directly and indirectly, from a 66-year-old veteran of comedy who once was the biggest name in the game? In order: You don’t say no, jump at any opportunity that leaves you with stories for life. Next, do whatever you would normally do for 10-days, only with Gallagher tagging along. The short answer to the latter; it’s immeasurable.

Behind the Scenes with Birdman

As the Agency of Record for Grand Touring Vodka, we find ourselves working with some of the hottest names in the rap game. Recently, we hosted Birdman, his crew, as well as a few surprise guests at our Winter Park studio for a photo shoot. Believe us when we say that @BIRDMAN5STAR is on his game on-set and as pro as they come. #NOREGRETS