Breakfast @ ReBrand


We've been sharing Breakfast @ videos for a little bit now but it was only recently that we took a look at the idea of creating an official identity for it. Knowing we were going to continue to explore the series, this was a great exercise for our team to get in the kitchen and cook up a logo and identity from scratch. 

Breakfast @:
The Coop

For real ya'll, Breakfast @ The Coop! John Rivers, the man behind 4 Rivers & our new, local chicken joint The Coop invited us into his test kitchen to try out a few of his breakfast recipes. This is pretty much the ideal situation for us, showing up to a decked out kitchen full of delicious breakfast food! We did some work in that place and left with a ton of leftovers, as well as a great sense of accomplishment. Even Mr. Rivers said, "They just ate and ate and ate. I thought for sure they'd get full, but they didn't! We could've kept cooking!" Well sir, cook on we say! Stay tuned and follow The Coop because word is, they will be serving some of these delicious breakfast plates soon. 

Breakfast At Videri Chocolate Factory:
The Fat Kid Benedict

We once took a trip to Raleigh NC, to visit Videri Chocolate Factory's new coffee bar. We realized that their factory is across the street from an Amtrak station. So is Fiction. We've dreamed of the day that we could just walk over, hop on the train and take it straight from the FCTN Mothership to Videri's chocolate heaven. Well my friends, not only did we do just that, but we also shared a breakfast like no other. This is Breakfast At Videri Chocolate. 

Breakfast At Black Bean Deli:
Ultimate Thanksgiving Leftover Edition

If theres one holiday that will leave you with weeks worth of leftovers... its Thanksgiving. If you're too stuffed to have breakfast the day after, you're definitely making a leftover sandwich for lunch, now its up to you how creative you get. Most families and people we know stick to the classic white bread, mayo and turkey...nothing wrong with that. Our crew here at Fiction decided to ask the question, "What would the ultimate, leftover sandwich look like?" We asked our buddy Andre Corton, owner of the famous Orlando cuban joint Black Bean Deli, how he would make a leftover sandwich. Behold, the "Ultimate After Sanksgiving Leftover Monte Cristo Sandwich"...

Breakfast At Chase’s:
Homemade Chick Fil A Chicken Biscuits

"Breakfast At Chase's" is the second installment of our Breakfast At series. Here, Chase takes on the famed Chick Fil A Chicken Biscuit by making it from scratch, complete with homemade buttermilk biscuits. The requirements for hosting a Breakfast At are simple, making us food and reminiscing about Breakfast At Blairs. Even if you were not there, Blair helps catch you up to date with talk of mash bags, hummus and all the meats. 

Chase has mapped out his recipe below in detail of how he made this masterpiece, as well as helpful hints about how to make your own.

Breakfast At Nicks

Welcome to our new series entitled "Breakfast At". It all started when our buddy Blair over at Hog Eat Hog invited us over to his Airstream to have "Breakfast At Blairs". It was an intimate gathering of friends that we didn't document very well because that was not the purpose. We liked the idea so much though that we wanted to start the tradition of having breakfast at different friends houses. We've had other breakfast gatherings of varying success but when it was Nicks turn to host, it was a true celebration. Enjoy the video and keep an eye out for more.