2015 Addys


We are super excited to have received a number of Addy's at the Orlando Addy Awards gala. It's really exciting to be a part of the growing creative community here in Orlando. The highlight of the night for Fiction was the judges  made up an entire category for our FCTN How To series so that we could win a best in show! Thanks to the Addy's and all of the other great winners. 

Fiction Wins Multiple ADDY’s

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Hey! We won some ADDY Awards. 4 awards out of 5 submissions aint bad. Although we did win every single thing we submitted last year which was....just Gallagher. We are very proud of the work our crew has done and happy to sit along side some really fantastic creative work coming out of Orlando. We're also quite pleased to have shown a grown man in a speedo as well as a business card for the worlds first Analrapist at the Addy Awards Gala.

2013 Gold Addy

Very proud of our FICTION team for winning a Gold Addy Award for Gallagher In Slow Motion. It was really cool to watch the video in a room full of people that probably hadnt seen it before.