Space Station Pitch

Here at Fiction, we believe that we can hang with the best of them when it comes to pitching. Visualizing the needs of a client, and how we can service them, is one of our favorite parts of any project. With that in mind, we would like to introduce to you our new series: Pitch Process. It will be a curated selection of the pitches that we've enjoyed producing most. We hope this series will give you an idea of not just what we do, but how we do.

Installment 1: CASIS, Manager for the International Space Station.

When first presented with the opportunity to pitch our services to CASIS, it was clear just how monumental their assets were. I mean, they have access to space,and just about any photo or video taken of it. Talk about visual resources. With that in mind, we made it our goal to show that they already had all of the assets they needed, and it was now just a matter of putting them in the right context.

Our proximity to the Space Coast gave us a unique shopping experience when it came to construction materials. The below wood book covers came from a lot of salvaged NASA shipping crates that we planed down to a manageable width. Assembled by our favorite woodworkers Hog Eat Hog, the cover has a 1-color screen print by our friends at Mamas Sauce and is truly unique piece of craftsmanship.

We constructed an edition of nine hand-bound books with an impressive 26" wingspan when open.

The content pages are all 4/4 offset with a Spot UV overlay across one spread.

Laser etched billiards felt protects the printed pages from the harshness of 40-year old spacey materials.