Publix Vine Ripe Tomatos

title8There are two things we undeniably really love, the first, obviously, is food &  second is RC Helicopters. When we got the call from Publix to shoot one of their tomato farms, we were super pumped when they mentioned aerial footage. Essentially, this is a perfect tri-fecta for us, working with the team at Publix, eating, and flying RCs. 

While we have a fleet or camera equipped RCs, sometimes a project needs a little more... well, a little more RC power, and we knew the exact mad scientist of inventions to call, our old pal Jordy Klein at Jordy Klein Film & Video. He just built a new heli from scratch that holds a Red Camera, and we love to partner with him to produce epic projects. Chase on the camera controls and Jordy's people on the flight patterns. We also fittingly used the new Vine App to capture some behind the scenes moments of the the Vines to play, they are marked with the Vine logo at the bottom right of some of the pics. If you're on Vine, find us: @Fiction. 

IMG_8293-16dble heli

The heli is operated from a pretty simple radio and the Red Camera is fully operable from a second radio with pan, tilt, iris, focus and record. It really takes a team to pull off these shots, and after seeing the final footage in the video at the bottom of this post, you'll see that the teamwork really pays off. We were all curious as to how fast it flew and if could it chop off any limbs. The simple answer, "It's very fast, and yes, it will kill you." We sort of felt like the kids who were scolded by the crotchety ol' lawyer in Jurassic Park..."Is it heavy?" "Yes." "Then it's expensive, put it back."

IMG_8375-8IMG_8355-7IMG_8326-20 copy

You've got to keep hydrated when shooting out on the farm. You also have to eat, which was mainly why we were there. You think we were gonna work on a tomato farm without partaking in the goods? Ha, you should know better. Luckily, Nick, who pulls his knife every 5 minutes was there to lend it for our snack making. Chase made a pretty genius move (& Vine) with some fresh tomatoes, mozzarella, basil and a little salt and pepper... voila! Theres nothing like picking a fresh tomato from the vine and making a Caprese salad right there on the spot. There's also nothing like eating a ripe tomato like an apple...except for maybe an apple...

hydrateIMG_8505-41mater dbleIMG_8283-4IMG_8285-15apple mater

I must admit, we felt pretty clever playing CCR while shooting this Vine...

We had quite a few different camera set ups, including using a 400mm lens that Bear was lugging around like a point and shoot. He used it on an interview shot which produced a pretty unique perspective in the final video, the trick is getting far enough away..."Im gonna be like way out, over there, you know, in the tomatoes".

camera dbleltroom export-8605IMG_8568-11IMG_8513-9

So, moral of the story, kids is to always work with people that have access to a lot of delicious food...a full crew is a happy crew. I mean, these two are satisfied. Check out the final video below and get your taste buds primed for deliciousness.