Impossible 8X10

Our photographer pal Bear stopped by on our first day back to work after the holidays with his Deardorff 8x10. He's been sitting on a pack of Impossible 8X10 polaroids waiting to test them out on a clearly, well rested FICTION crew. Besides the ladies, we definitely look like the morning after New Years Eve. If you remember our Ghostly Polaroids, these are similar but a lot sharper and impressively much larger, shot with a 360mm Super Symmer lens.

-A note from Bear

"The film is pretty cool as it's essentially a bigger version of the SX-70 film, no peeling necessary. Shoot the negative, put the negative and a clear transparent positive sheet in the old school polaroid processor and out comes a picture. Instantly having an 8x10 in print in person with cool chrome border is really cool but there were a few issues with the film.  The photos were kind of muddy and you could tell the chemicals weren't spreading very evenly. Still the film has a cool look and everyone is impressed with an 8x10 polaroid in person. I know Impossible is in their early stages of development on this film so I'm excited to see where it goes."