New Publix Sub

_MG_9258crop2If there is one thing about the south east that we have that no one else has its Publix subs. They are legendary and in their own class. So when Publix contacted us to be the production team for their new Banh Mi inspired sandwich, our mouths started watering and we jumped at the chance to be apart of announcing this delicious innovation in sandwich architecture.

Fiction Apparel

title shirt3

Casis Mission Patch:
By Shepard Fairey

Part of our philosophy at Fiction is when we do something creative, we try to do something different and better than it has ever been done before. So, when our client CASIS  told us that they wanted us to do the mission patch for their inaugural flight, we knew that we not only had an amazing opportunity, but we really wanted to make sure we delivered something that represented forward thinking and relevance. When we started thinking about it internally, we knew that we had the ability to design the patch, but we wanted to think bigger than our circle of influence. When we sat down to talk about it in our creative meeting, the first words that came out of my mouth were, "Shepard Fairey should do this". Thinking this was just a shot in the dark idea, we all kind of looked at each other and said " well, we at least have to try ".  Nick, being the sophisticated pitch man he is, reached out to Shepard Fairey's team that day, and much to everyone's amazement, he responded very promptly with his interest in the project.

Welcome Josh McWilliams

jman crop

We are psyched to have Josh on our team as our newest Director. He just completed his first project for Fiction directing videos for Barn Light Electric, an incredibly cool lighting manufacturer and retailer based right here in Florida. We produced 3 videos highlighting what they do & how they do it. See the videos here.

Best Travel Camera

Screen Shot 2013-03-04 at 11.36.37 AM

The world of shooting and sharing photos has changed a lot in the last 5 years. The size of the screen that you view your photos on is getting increasingly smaller and the line between phone camera and amazing image quality is becoming increasingly blurry. I travel quite a bit and I have constantly been on the hunt for the perfect travel camera, and as loads of mega pixels become more and more portable, I struggle with whether its even worth it to bring a larger format camera or even a point and shoot camera on a trip with me. I took a couple of trips the first quarter of 2013 and decided to do a comparison of the Canon EOSM vs the iPhone 5 to give myself and hopefully you, the reader, a little clarity as to whether or not your smart phone camera is really all it's cracked up to be, and to answer the question, "Is shooting on a superior image really worth it, if at the end of the day people are only experiencing your photos on a 4 X 2.5 inch screen? "

Creative Mornings Orlando:
Nick Sambrato

This past February our VP Nick Sambrato was asked to speak on the theme of MONEY at Creative Mornings Orlando. If you are unfamiliar with Creative Mornings, its a monthly breakfast lecture series that focuses on a specific topic each month. There are chapters around the world from New York to Stockholm to Singapore, all contributing to the global conversation. Orlando being in this mix really says a lot about our community here and the talent that we have in the area.   

We were really proud of Nick and think he had a fresh take on how to raise the bar for our local creative class that is very applicable to all communities. 

2013 Gold Addy

Very proud of our FICTION team for winning a Gold Addy Award for Gallagher In Slow Motion. It was really cool to watch the video in a room full of people that probably hadnt seen it before. 

Friday Moment of ZEN

I always love when Jon Stewart does his Moment of Zen at the end of The Daily Show...this is sort of our version featuring Shop Dog Steve. Happy Friday.

Love Letters

We are happy to present this video we contributed in helping Hamilton Wood Type + Print Museum. They are of great significance to the design world and are in need of assistance raising money for their forced relocation. Our friends at Mamas Sauce put together such a ridiculous cast of talented designers to create "Love Letters", a project that donates all proceeds toward Hamilton's very expensive move. It's a set of 7 letterpressed coasters: A, E, I , O, U, &, Y, all neatly packaged and available for purchase here. Huge thanks to Keegan Dewitt for helping us and contributing music for this video.

Read more for a special 'Things have come full-circle' story below...

Neon Graveyard

Recently while checking out all the new gadgets at CES in Las Vegas, a couple of us broke off and ventured towards old downtown Las Vegas to visit The Neon Museum. We figured it was a good idea to get away from the Roulette tables and flyer jockeys for a bit and have some good ol fashioned tourist museum fun. We were not really into the idea of going on the tour they make you go on but im glad we did...hearing the history and insane paranoid competiveness of the old casinos was really fascinating. Plus it was a fun to shoot the Canon EOS Mirrorless camera with touchscreen. Edited with VSCO 02 in Lightroom 4.


When we decided to go to CES this year it, was for 2 reasons. One, we love the future and companies that push it, and two, these things called " gadgets " are what we use to produce the work we love doing. CES is a hyper fusion of consumer electronics like TV's, car audio, and iPhone cases mixed with a massive number of professional camera companies like Canon, Sony, and Nikon, to name a few. The Fiction crew went to the conference, so we only thought it fitting to give you our best, worst, and most fun parts of what some people call CES, but what we call "Nerdfest 2013".

Impossible 8X10

Our photographer pal Bear stopped by on our first day back to work after the holidays with his Deardorff 8x10. He's been sitting on a pack of Impossible 8X10 polaroids waiting to test them out on a clearly, well rested FICTION crew. Besides the ladies, we definitely look like the morning after New Years Eve. If you remember our Ghostly Polaroids, these are similar but a lot sharper and impressively much larger, shot with a 360mm Super Symmer lens.

Cracker Challenge

At lunch our DP Matt Staker casually challenged Chase to eating 5 Saltine Crackers in a minute. Chase ate 5 in 35 seconds leaving us confused if we were even doing the right challenge...he made it looks so easy. Scary easy. He said he could eat 10 in a minute, so we brought it back to the office to find out...

Best Of 2012

Here are few tunes and videos we've enjoyed passing around the office. Our hope is you find something new that may have slipped passed you, or just laugh again at one of these ridiculous videos. Who's ready for NYE?

A Space Oddity

This space suit arrived the day before our crew was set to start a commercial ad shoot for our client CASIS. We couldn't resist taking it out for a stroll in our neighborhood. It was unreal the equal response of people freaking out at the sight of a space man walking down the street, and the complete opposite of people continuing on, like seeing a space man is a part of their every day norm. Here are just a few images we grabbed as the space man descended upon Winter Park, FL in search of the meaning of life.

Fiction Artist Series 001:
Blair Sligar of Hog Eat Hog

Part of what makes Fiction what, and who it is, are the talented artists we call friends. We've commissioned a handful of people to help create an atmosphere here at the Fiction Headquarters that reflects our tastes, and also allows the artist to shine at what they do best. We commissioned Blair to bring our brand out of the digital world and into the physical world by outfitting our work spaces and installing art pieces. This is the first installment of our Artist Series.

This is the work of Blair Sligar, lead designer and owner of Hog Eat Hog

Part II

When we left the Ape Shit Squad last, they were galavanting across the plains of Ethiopia. We catch up with them in Axum, an ancient city that dates back to biblical times. Chase is involved with a school in this area so we wanted to see the progress, and get to know some of the kids.

Halloween At The FCTN Office

No one is safe, even without scary masks!

Part I

The Ape Shit Squad is a crew of 5 travelers who traverse the globe in search of the most real experiences a human can have, we call it "Riding the Yeti". Our latest trip was to Ethiopia. Ethiopia is a land of many beautiful sites, smells, and people. For a couple of us, it was our first time, so the idea was to tour the country and look at the sites, some manufacturing processes, and visit a School that Chase is involved with in the northern part of Ethiopia.

Shop Dog:

Shop Dog Theo is a Newfoundland. Theo likes sleeping, slobbering, and being regal. His favorite Disney character is Eore, and his favorite food is whatever is in the trash. Theo enjoys saving people in the swimming pool, and farting in his sleep. His favorite color is baby blue and when he grows up he wants to explore the other side of the lake.

Mr. Carter

We received a last-minute call from Alliance Visual Experiences requesting our DP to shoot an interview with Lil Wayne at his skatepark in Miami. Luckily, Matt just received his pilots license and was able to get to the job quickly. We shot this using a Red Scarlet with a Canon mount on a dolly, and a Canon 5D for B camera.


This is what happens when we watch surf videos in the office, we take a half day and drive to the coast. Here's to hoping it becomes a regular series, especially after seeing the new Hero 3 Black Edition from GoPro. 

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Shop Dog:

The first installment in our shop dog series is with Steve. Steve is a french bulldog who likes being a jerk, itching his front foot with his back claw, and snoring. Steve has a tattoo on his penis, and weighs about 30 lbs. Steve's favorite color is purple, and his favorite band is the Henry Rollins Band. 

Fiction Product Test 002:
Scarlet Low Light Test

After many years of blissfully-ignorant happiness in the world of DSLR video capture, we here at Fiction have seen the light. What light is that? The beautiful light of RED 4k Raw footage imported directly into premiere and edited with no transcoding. It's a beautiful thing I must say. 

Client Perks

When one of your clients manages the International Space Station, you get the privilage to see first-hand the rockets that supply it. We are working on some incredible stuff for CASIS and they arranged for us to see the Falcon 9 a few days before it delivers a payload to the Space Station. This particular rocket is owned and operated by Space X, which you've probably heard mentioned in the news as it was started by Tesla Motors, and PayPal founder, Elon Musk.

Look forward to the Falcon launching Sunday, Oct 7 at 8:30pm, if weather permits. 

My Week with Gallagher

How do you say no to Gallagher when the phone call comes in that he’ll be down a week ahead of schedule? What does one do with ten days of Gallagher-time exactly? And, more importantly, how many life lessons does one learn, both directly and indirectly, from a 66-year-old veteran of comedy who once was the biggest name in the game? In order: You don’t say no, jump at any opportunity that leaves you with stories for life. Next, do whatever you would normally do for 10-days, only with Gallagher tagging along. The short answer to the latter; it’s immeasurable.

America Rising

"A wiser fellow than myself once said, 'Sometimes you eat the bar and sometimes, well, the bar he eats you...'" Sometimes, in defeat, you can only hope to be left with a war wound - an interesting scar, something to talk about when seen, a mark that comes with not just a story, but a lesson as well.

An opportunity arose for Fiction to pitch a concept for one of the biggest political events of the year. Never being ones to pass up an opportunity, we decided it was worth it to put our full resources toward giving a creative pitch to obtain the job, meanwhile being mindful of one truth we’ve learned from jobs past...

24hrs in NYC :
Ghostly Polaroids

When we got the word that Charles Bergquist was speaking at an art event hosted by Ghostly at the Art Directors Club in NY, we booked our flights right away. Our initial thought was, lets all use pics from our phones and do a photo essay as a blog post. We then decided to go a little more analog and brought along a simple Polaroid Sun 600 made in the 80s. Ordered up some Impossible Project PX600 Silver Shade and just went for it. We had so much fun shooting it we stopped by their space near SoHo to say hi. After a simple scan and zero tweaking, this was our 24hrs in NY.

Fiction Product Test 001:
The Phantom Miro Starring Gallagher

When we ran into the Phantom Miro at NAB this year, we knew we had to come up with the perfect subject to put its capabilities to the test. Enter Gallagher: 80's icon and nemesis to watermelons the world over. He's a master smasher, word-smith, and complete science geek extraordinaire with a work ethic that brought him to us early and had him staying late... It's hard to actually put into words what 10 days with Gallagher is like. In reality, it isn't much different than the video shows. Sometimes it feels like everything is 3,200 fps and sometimes it's ramped faster than reality. No matter what, it's a smashing good time.

Making Scout


While location scouting for one of our Fiction shoots, I thought to myself "there has got to be a better way to do this." The iPhone, and all of its super functional hardware, really is the perfect tool for providing location data: amazing photo quality, video capture, GPS information, 4G connection sharing instantly. Realizing that I had a strong desire and need for such a tool, coupled with the fact that it had yet to be been done properly, I instantly put out a facebook post searching for developers. I sifted through everything from freelance developers to high end mobile dev tech companies, and eventually landed somewhere in the middle with a reasonably priced local mobile company that I felt confident could handle the development of this idea. I then enlisted my friend and brilliant designer Bobby Sattler to create the brand, and design the UI alongside me.

Behind the Scenes with Birdman

As the Agency of Record for Grand Touring Vodka, we find ourselves working with some of the hottest names in the rap game. Recently, we hosted Birdman, his crew, as well as a few surprise guests at our Winter Park studio for a photo shoot. Believe us when we say that @BIRDMAN5STAR is on his game on-set and as pro as they come. #NOREGRETS

Space Station Pitch

Here at Fiction, we believe that we can hang with the best of them when it comes to pitching. Visualizing the needs of a client, and how we can service them, is one of our favorite parts of any project. With that in mind, we would like to introduce to you our new series: Pitch Process. It will be a curated selection of the pitches that we've enjoyed producing most. We hope this series will give you an idea of not just what we do, but how we do.