New Publix Sub

_MG_9258crop2If there is one thing about the south east that we have that no one else has its Publix subs. They are legendary and in their own class. So when Publix contacted us to be the production team for their new Banh Mi inspired sandwich, our mouths started watering and we jumped at the chance to be apart of announcing this delicious innovation in sandwich architecture.

The Shoot consisted of an in-store shoot and a second day in our studio. Day 1 was in the Publix store and we basically had an all you can eat sub tray for us to sink our teeth into for the whole shoot. 

_MG_9073untitled-16When all you have on your mind is devouring a never before tasted sub, its difficult to focus on the task at hand. But having the great creative team from Publix keeping your eye on the prize is always very helpful. Especially when they can answer every question you could possibly have about how and where Publix subs are created. untitled-11IMG_0644untitled-15Day 2: Finally the day came where we got to shoot this modern day masterpiece. They brought in a sandwich artist (no, not a subway employee), someone who's job it was to literally make the PERFECT sandwich (my mouth is watering while I type this). The hardest thing about the in-studio shoot was that we had to stare at this sandwich all day without being able to touch it. I can't tell you how many times I almost reached out from behind the camera to stick my finger in the dab of BBQ sauce that was on the pork. _MG_9230untitled-23untitled-19_MG_9210Finally the shoot was over and we all were kind of walking around the sub not sure if it was appropriate to ask if we could actually take a bite of this behemoth of modern day deliciousness. So I look up at our friends from Publix with the eyes of a puppy dog and said " are we allowed to eat this sandwich". Much to our surprise the answer was yes! Let me tell you, this sammy is….. well….. you will have to go try it yourself, you will not be disappointed.

Its available today at your local Publix market. Go on n' get chu some……_MG_9261_MG_9262_MG_9266_MG_9267_MG_9269_MG_9271_MG_9273_MG_9278_MG_9280_MG_9265 

Check out the final video: