Love Letters

We are happy to present this video we contributed in helping Hamilton Wood Type + Print Museum. They are of great significance to the design world and are in need of assistance raising money for their forced relocation. Our friends at Mamas Sauce put together such a ridiculous cast of talented designers to create "Love Letters", a project that donates all proceeds toward Hamilton's very expensive move. It's a set of 7 letterpressed coasters: A, E, I , O, U, &, Y, all neatly packaged and available for purchase here. Huge thanks to Keegan Dewitt for helping us and contributing music for this video.

Read more for a special 'Things have come full-circle' story below...

Fiction THROWBACK: A note from Nick Sambrato, VP of Business Development for Fiction, and Founder/Owner of Mama's Sauce.

A few years ago, Chris Heavener trusted me to letterpress print his business cards as my very first letterpress job. His brother Chase, who owns Fiction, asked to video the process. The result was the below piece, which overnight, took my very first letterpress print and helped turn my shop, Mama's Sauce, into a sensation. It took years to catch up to the hype, but I honestly feel that Mama's Sauce has done so...It's a hype, and ultimately an amazing shop that wouldn't exist without the video called, Kluge. I can't overstate the value that a video of this calibre can do to insert a company into a conversation.

For me, it was the hand-made, artisan, letterpress conversation, and being part of it did wonders for my company. So much so, that when I was able to leave my 80+ hours a week job at Mama's Sauce, and trust the running of it to an amazing staff,  I decided to come to Fiction and try to replicate the same success for companies needing a way to get into the conversations happening in their respective industries. I watch Kluge with a great sense of pride and gratitude. If you've never seen it, please watch and know that we try to make it so that every Fiction production has a story behind it - this one, ultimately is a critical part of my story, and I am thankful still today.