Fiction Artist Series 001:
Blair Sligar of Hog Eat Hog

Part of what makes Fiction what, and who it is, are the talented artists we call friends. We've commissioned a handful of people to help create an atmosphere here at the Fiction Headquarters that reflects our tastes, and also allows the artist to shine at what they do best. We commissioned Blair to bring our brand out of the digital world and into the physical world by outfitting our work spaces and installing art pieces. This is the first installment of our Artist Series.

This is the work of Blair Sligar, lead designer and owner of Hog Eat Hog

HEH is a design/build wood shop that uses locally milled and salvaged materials. They use a mix of traditional & modern woodworking techniques while sticking to old time, hand rubbed finishing recipes. They've outfitted some of the best spots in town like the Imperial Bar (Orlando and the new Sanford location), Cask & Larder, Winter Park Fish Co, Full Sail, and Rifle Paper Co.

With the steel brands, we wanted a physical representation of our identity. They are heavy, welded steel with carved oak handles. They really make you to want to brand everything in sight, luckily we only branded the Heart Pine Sconces and not each other...yet. The heart pine is translucent and using them as light sconces really makes them glow warmly and beautifully. 

The cypress Blair chose to build our outdoor table with was once a Pre WWII seawall here in Florida. This wood is what Blair described as "in cycle" and is acclimated to our weather, as a result it doesn't need finishing. You can see the joinery is exposed, which is a running thread through out some of the furniture pieces that come out of the Hog Eat Hog shop. 

The entry way "sign" is another example of exposure. Its literally a slab of laurel oak splayed open in all its natural glory over multiple layers of steel planes and heart pine lighting. Its one very impressive and large piece that Blair enjoys calling "Horses". As a side note, "Horses" can be seen through our front door and I believe it misleads people into walking in our building thinking its an art museum. Also pictured is a small paper model, part of the visualization process.

The creative suite is the newest addition to our facility. One entire wall is finished with an aromatic red cedar that is used as sort of a bulletin/inspiration board. We tack large print outs, story boards, and have a white board for creative meetings. The table in this room is a 9 foot long black walnut beast sitting on an enormous steel base. All custom designed and built.

The corner office is entirely black walnut with butternut accents. Blair chose this particular grade because of its variation and color. Not pictured is an entire wall of cabinetry doors that match.