Part I

The Ape Shit Squad is a crew of 5 travelers who traverse the globe in search of the most real experiences a human can have, we call it "Riding the Yeti". Our latest trip was to Ethiopia. Ethiopia is a land of many beautiful sites, smells, and people. For a couple of us, it was our first time, so the idea was to tour the country and look at the sites, some manufacturing processes, and visit a School that Chase is involved with in the northern part of Ethiopia.

As is any trip to Ethiopia, your journey starts in the capital city Addis Ababa. Addis is a city constructed for about a million people, and its population is bursting at around 3 million, at least thats what it was in 2008. After our 30-hour flight, we wanted to make sure the yeti was being ridden correctly, so we ripped over to our good friend Salem's shop and bought some amazing scarfs and checked out how she hand-makes each one.

Needing a pick me up to power through the jet lag, we went on a journey to find some khat, which is a local plant that if chewed has an effect that is similar to drinking 12 cups of coffee. We found some, and went straight to dinner. An Ethiopian dinner consists of a giant crepe-like dish called injera along with piles of what, at first glance, looks like goat diarreah. When tasted, however, all your apprehensions go away. After our first taste of Ethiopian food, we headed straight to bed for our 7AM wake up call to travel to Lalibella.

Lalibella is a miraculous place, and hands down the most touristy part of the country  (if "touristy" is even the right word to use). It's filled with these churches that were literally dug out of solid rock that date back 1,187 years ago. It's really an amazing sight to see. The Ape Shit Squad not really being a crew that enjoys site tours and touristy bull shit, we decided to cut our tour short and walk around the city and meet some locals. Nick got spanked by some kids who charge him 5 bucks to play ping pong on a janky ass table.

One thing you need to know about the Ape Shit Squad is that one of our main goals on trips is to find the most epic sunsets imaginable, and our day in Lalibella definitely delivered. We found what can only be described as an earth-ship of a restaurant, sat down for about 4 hours and waited for the sunset. Below are the photos from one of the most amazing sunsets the Ape Shit Squad has ever encountered.