Drones, We Need To Talk


The FAA is proposing a new set of rules that will regulate the friendly skies for drones. So what that means is, its time to have "The Talk" with our drones. You know that whole, “this has been fun but, is there really anything here?”. Do you really see yourself bringing your drone home to meet your parents, talking about it at work with your bros, whispering sweet nothings to it on Snapchat... for better or for worse its time to "Define The Relationship" with drones. Lets be honest though, we’ve needed to have this talk for a while. We’ve crossed over the friend zone and are now well into a full blown relationship with these machines. We bring them with us on nature hikes, we're always watching the sunset together, we're constantly posting beautiful photos we’ve taken together. Its time...time for us to either get serious or move onto something else. 

You're probably asking yourself, "What does all this mean?", "Why do we need rules ?", "Why can't I fly my drone whenever and wherever I want?" The answer is simple, you are flying a machine, and if you're in the air with a machine, you're in FAA airspace. These rules are meant to keep people safe, not to stop you from having fun, and for the most part, these rules are very reasonable and generally speaking good common sense. There are however, a couple of rules proposed that will really change the landscape of who will be able to fly, and possibly how you will be able to purchase a drone. 
The biggest change in all of this is that Operators (that means you) will be required to take an "aeronautical knowledge test “ as well as acquire a certificate of some sort in order to fly your drone. The FAA is not specific on whether or not you will need one to purchase a drone, or what the consequences will be for flying without a certificate, but lets get one thing straight, this will most definitely reduce the amount of drone operators today. Implementing even the most general of aeronautical knowledge tests in front of drone operations could cut its user base in half, if not more. While some people would call this a good thing, I think its important to remember the advancements that have been made over the past 3 years in drone technology. These advancements are due in large part to a robust and ever growing community of drone operators. Because if there's one thing we all know about drones is that you can always spend more money them, and money allows companies to innovate. 
Its important to note that these are proposed rules and not the official rules yet. From what we understand, there will be a comment period where they will be vetting through what I'm sure will be a very heated debate on every single one of these bullet points. So stay tuned and fly safe. 
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