On a recent trip to San Francisco to announce the Shepard Fairey Mission Patch at the Engadget Expand Conference, we had to make a quick stop in Washington DC for some super important meetings. The first of which was with Shelton the Barber...


Shelton the Barber is an artist. After creating for Nick the sharpest stash trim of all time, we had some sight seeing to do. We may of had some real meetings in between sometime or another but that's besides the point. We wandered around the National Mall and saw some of the art installations there because if you know Nick, hes a reeeeal art lover. His "I hate art" mantra is really an art statement in and of itself. Much like his sharp stash is an art statement.  We discovered a pretty good cortado at Chinatown Coffee and contemplated our next moves.


Our second day was filled with a drive out to Charlottesville, VA which is about 3 hours away from DC. But not before we found more art (seriously, Nick is obsessed). We met with the artist behind The John Rolfe Society (he did the Mark Twain below which Nick HAD to purchase), in which we explored the idea of sending garbage to space, touched on war history and discussed the artist Ghost Face Killah. We then continued onto Charlottesville listening to bluegrass driving through the Virginia hills, and stopping at an old country store along the way. We finally arrived in Charlottesville to meet our new friends at  Journey Group at their very cool ski lodge work space to talk about their work in Ethiopia, as well as ours.

cropi love artreally 2untitled-17 That night we drove back to DC late and happened to see the Lincoln Memorial in the distance, so we made our way over to take a look. Nick couldn't help but comment on the artistry of the hand engraved Gettysburg Address.


Before our flight out we had the best work of art yet. A breakfast sandwich to top all breakfast sandwiches in the history of food. Its located at Market Lunch in an indoor farmers market called the East Market. I asked the cook what kind of bread or biscuit or whatever heavenly loaf my sandwich was on and she grinned and said, "its homemade baby." Yeah...I know that's right.


Freshly trimmed, cultured, and full of patriotism we were finally ready to go to San Francisco to announce to the world the mission patch art of Shepard Fairey. 

untitled-24 copy

When we arrived in San Francisco we drove straight to Palo Alto. We criss crossed the valley all day visiting friends at Tivo, Facebook, and Made In Space before making our way back to San Francisco. Seeing the Facebook Headquarters was a real treat, they really value art there and have posters and graffiti everywhere. We stopped long enough to have lunch and coffee and to catch up with some Florida buddies. My favorite part was when we were driving there I looked at Nick and asked him if he knew the address to Facebook...he said no so I got to say, www.facebook.com. Hilarious.

untitled-43fb panoposters

Somewhere off the highway near Mountain View is Nasa's Hangar 1. We first drove by it and thought how cool it was we could see it, then realized we were actually going there. The guys and gals at Made In Space have their office and work space on the grounds of Hangar 1, so we took the opportunity to walk around the massive structure. We were allowed in the Made In Space workspace but not allowed to take pictures of their top secret genius. So, you cant know what we know.  

untitled-36hangar dble

Finally, the main event, The Endgadget Expand Conference, where we announced the Shepard Fairey mission patch. This is probably one of the most laid back conferences we've been to, making it one of the best. There were some great exhibits including Tesla, Davinci (robotic surgery), BRD Electic Dirtbikes, and actual Storm Chasers from the show, wait for it...Storm Chasers.

IMG_0324 copyuntitled-63untitled-50untitled-57untitled-84

You couldnt ask for a better location than Ft Mason for a conference. We could hardly get anywhere because of stopping every few minutes to take pictures.

i hate art