Craft A Brew


We recently got a call from Craft A Brew, makers of a "brew your own beer" brew kit, who needed a demonstration video to help visualize the process of making your own beer. Now, clearly, we couldn't make a video showing how to use their kit without actually trying the product first. So, we acquired one of their American Pale Ale kits...

Once we got the kit in the kitchen, the process was simple as everything you need is right there in the box as evidenced in the videos below.

craftabrew-3hopsbrew timecraftabrew-11

Having never done this before, we were excited about what would come of our efforts. The hardest part is after you're all done and bottled up, you have to wait for the beer to do its magic...cue Tom Petty.


But then... after a few weeks of our beer brewing in a closet, and then spending some time in the refrigerator, we finally got to taste it! The American Pale Ale flavor is really fantastic and strong in a good way. I think we fully expected the flavor to be watered down and just "ok" but it really turned out great...I mean, we'd buy it at a bar for sure, and the satisfaction of knowing you made it yourself makes it all the better. 

try the beer-5try the beertry the beer-13try the beer-12

Check out how easy the process is in the videos below, directed by Josh McWilliams. Oh, and go ahead and order yourself a brew kit! Drink responsibly.