America Rising

"A wiser fellow than myself once said, 'Sometimes you eat the bar and sometimes, well, the bar he eats you...'" Sometimes, in defeat, you can only hope to be left with a war wound - an interesting scar, something to talk about when seen, a mark that comes with not just a story, but a lesson as well.

An opportunity arose for Fiction to pitch a concept for one of the biggest political events of the year. Never being ones to pass up an opportunity, we decided it was worth it to put our full resources toward giving a creative pitch to obtain the job, meanwhile being mindful of one truth we’ve learned from jobs past...

Space Station Pitch

Here at Fiction, we believe that we can hang with the best of them when it comes to pitching. Visualizing the needs of a client, and how we can service them, is one of our favorite parts of any project. With that in mind, we would like to introduce to you our new series: Pitch Process. It will be a curated selection of the pitches that we've enjoyed producing most. We hope this series will give you an idea of not just what we do, but how we do.