Casis Mission Patch:
By Shepard Fairey

Part of our philosophy at Fiction is when we do something creative, we try to do something different and better than it has ever been done before. So, when our client CASIS  told us that they wanted us to do the mission patch for their inaugural flight, we knew that we not only had an amazing opportunity, but we really wanted to make sure we delivered something that represented forward thinking and relevance. When we started thinking about it internally, we knew that we had the ability to design the patch, but we wanted to think bigger than our circle of influence. When we sat down to talk about it in our creative meeting, the first words that came out of my mouth were, "Shepard Fairey should do this". Thinking this was just a shot in the dark idea, we all kind of looked at each other and said " well, we at least have to try ".  Nick, being the sophisticated pitch man he is, reached out to Shepard Fairey's team that day, and much to everyone's amazement, he responded very promptly with his interest in the project.


Being huge fans of Obey and Fairey's work, when word came back to us that he signed on to do the project, we looked at each other half stunned like, "are you F'ing kidding me right now? ". But, he did, and we were beyond excited about the partnership. After a couple of weeks, we got some comps in and were blown away for a number of reasons: 1) the sheer number of comps he delivered ( over 30 ) and 2) the style in which he executed the patch artwork. When you work with someone like Shepard Fairey, you expect him to stay within the artistic style for which he is so famous. When we got the comps, however, it was a great surprise to see him take a bit of a departure from his personal style, and incorporate hat tips to various old space patch esthetics. Yet, at the same time, when you find out its Shepard's work, you're instantly like "oh wow, yea I can see it now ".

IMG_0324 copy

With the artwork done, we went to work figuring out where we’d start the awareness campaign. Shepard was kind enough to sit down with us for an interview, leaving us with great art and a video featuring a passionate artist talking Space (it’s crazy how well versed he is in this area). Enter Engadget Expand. It was here, live from stage, & live blogged by the good folks at Engadget, that we announced the historic design.


This was an amazing creative project for us and we can't thank Shepard Fairey and Studio Number One enough for partnering with us to deliver CASIS what we feel is an amazing patch and a great work of art.