Breakfast @ ReBrand


We've been sharing Breakfast @ videos for a little bit now but it was only recently that we took a look at the idea of creating an official identity for it. Knowing we were going to continue to explore the series, this was a great exercise for our team to get in the kitchen and cook up a logo and identity from scratch. 

Logo Sketches


It all began with sketches. We knew we wanted the mark to be fun, colorful and maybe a little irreverent, harkening back to some old 80s MTV illustrations we were digging on. We also wanted to incorporate the @ symbol rather than spelling out A-T in order to keep it "so social" ya know. 


 Web Wireframe


After developing the Breakfast @ mark, we drew up some wire frames for the site. The goal here was simple & shareable, so when you visit the site, you're immediately ready for viewing and ready to share the tasty goods with all your homies. The grid of images are being fed from where we peruse breakfast ideas to try and one up each other. 


Brand Implementation

A.K.A. things that are just totally rad and make us laugh like a bacon t-shirt and a Macho DY Man print. 


Sriracha Stop Motion

This started with a conversation of how to wipe the logo on for video usage and escalated quickly to us making a huge mess with stencils and Sriracha. Our motion guru, Garret had already built the motion in After Effects, so we knew exactly how many frames to shoot for and used that as a template for how much siracha to add in each frame. 

dev stencil dblsiracha-tl-1bread_and_srrrrracha


2 words: Silk Jackets. Remember those cheap baseball jackets you used to get from school, the ones that snag your fingernails in the worst way, but make you feel totally boss cause your whole squad is rockin' neither. This was a fun outing to our fav cuban spot in the entire world, Black Bean Deli. Photoshoot inspired by motorcycle gangs, 24hr diners, neon signs and switchblades.

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 Hit us up if you're interested in hosting our epic Breakfast @ crew!