Breakfast At Black Bean Deli:
Ultimate Thanksgiving Leftover Edition

If theres one holiday that will leave you with weeks worth of leftovers... its Thanksgiving. If you're too stuffed to have breakfast the day after, you're definitely making a leftover sandwich for lunch, now its up to you how creative you get. Most families and people we know stick to the classic white bread, mayo and turkey...nothing wrong with that. Our crew here at Fiction decided to ask the question, "What would the ultimate, leftover sandwich look like?" We asked our buddy Andre Corton, owner of the famous Orlando cuban joint Black Bean Deli, how he would make a leftover sandwich. Behold, the "Ultimate After Sanksgiving Leftover Monte Cristo Sandwich"...

breakfast bbd-8

-Whole Smoked Turkey
-2 Smoked Hens
-Deli Sliced Ham
-Stuffing (w beef & sausage)
-Green Bean Casserole (w gouda)
-Mashed Potatoes (w lots of cheese)
-Cranberry Sauce w Grand Marnier
-Brussel Sprouts
-Swiss Cheese
-Cuban Bread
-Homemade Wine
-Imported Cuban Beer
and eventually more meat... 

breakfast bbd-2breakfast bbd-5press title

After watching Andy layout all of the ingredients, and like a true master build just the right sequence of layers, he cut the sandwich in half and put it on his cuban Chase's undeniable joy.

break press dblebreakfast bbd-15breakfast bbd-16josh dblnick dblebreakfast bbd-19fried title

The idea to deep fry it was in the plan all along but we had to go ahead and eat just the pressed version, you know... to compare. After carefully adding some skewer stabilization, we (and by we I mean Andy) added batter and dropped this puppy in the deep fryer. 

breakfast bbd-25breakfast bbd-26fried dblebreakfast bbd-41breakfast bbd-40breakfast bbd-42nick and s dblejman andy dblecapicola title

Adding a layer of capicola to the fried version actually took it yet to another level. Chase could barely handle it... but we were all in agreement with Andy that we accomplished our goal. This absolutely IS the Ultimate After Sanksgiving Leftover Monte Cristo Sandwich.

breakfast bbd-76breakfast bbd-77breakf at bbd-4breakfast bbd-47

 Happy Thanksgiving everyone.