America Rising

"A wiser fellow than myself once said, 'Sometimes you eat the bar and sometimes, well, the bar he eats you...'" Sometimes, in defeat, you can only hope to be left with a war wound - an interesting scar, something to talk about when seen, a mark that comes with not just a story, but a lesson as well.

An opportunity arose for Fiction to pitch a concept for one of the biggest political events of the year. Never being ones to pass up an opportunity, we decided it was worth it to put our full resources toward giving a creative pitch to obtain the job, meanwhile being mindful of one truth we’ve learned from jobs past...

Sometimes a job is only worth taking if it’s on your own terms.

We weren’t about to try to take on a montage piece of found-footage and contribute to the nauseum of bad political media; that is to say, if we were going to do this, the client would have be ready to hire us for what we brought to the table. We didn’t want to compete for an editing job where we would be art directed like crazy. Clipped wings is no way to fly.

With that in mind, we assembled the team: a script writer from the political field to help us put our vision into words that would resonate with the would-be client, our best storyboard artist, and our entire creative staff. From that, a collection of emotive tunes, words, and visuals were laid out to inspire the client to not only choose us, but to have them commit to the budget that a five-city, huge-talent-pool, helicopter-requiring, slow-motion-having, epic Go America! video would require as well.

We wanted to produce something that would bring people to their feet cheering, both at the event and at home. A piece that would acknowledge Americans' hardships today, but more than that, show what makes America, America. Our ability to wake up every morning and fight for our dreams - all of which are infinitely possible.

We're a nation of bold colors... not pastel shades...
We're  heroes... warriors... dreamers... and innovators
Every American. Every day...

Follow four average Americans as they wind down their day, sleep to dream, and then wake up to a new day to make their dreams come true.

The song, of course, is a placeholder for what would have been an original score - but it does capture the emotion we were after.

Even though what we proposed was outside of the client’s budget, we felt strong enough about it to not propose a lower cost option. We believe it works on both sides of the line and speaks to Americans as a whole. Sometimes you feel so strongly about a concept that you must simply walk away when you can’t come to terms with a prospective client. Sometimes the best way to serve them, is for them to fully buy into your interpretation of their needs. Sometimes you just have to draw that line. 

The multiple phases of presentation grew from initial conversation to collecting client's inspiration visuals and needs to presenting 40” x 96" storyboards, complete with individual character profile frames, and, of course, the animatic.

Tonight, we dream, and tomorrow comes a new day. Some of the dreams will come to fruition, some not. Regardless, you have to keep fighting for what you dream of doing. "Is it some kind of eastern thing? Far from it."