FCTN_RVWS 003 | DJI Inspire 1

Out of the box, the DJI Inspire 1 is the biggest leap in consumer drones since the Phantom. Check out our review as we take this thing for a spin around the block.

FCTN_RVWS 002 | Atomos Shogun

We gave the Atomos Shogun 4k recorder a spin around the Fiction studio... check out our FCTN_RVWS 002.

FCTN_RVWS 001 | Sony a7s + MovCam

We've been using the Sony a7s a lot recently and decided to launch our new review series using it specifically as a video camera. Check it out fully rigged up with a Movcam cage kit.

2015 Addys


We are super excited to have received a number of Addy's at the Orlando Addy Awards gala. It's really exciting to be a part of the growing creative community here in Orlando. The highlight of the night for Fiction was the judges  made up an entire category for our FCTN How To series so that we could win a best in show! Thanks to the Addy's and all of the other great winners. 

Drones, We Need To Talk


The FAA is proposing a new set of rules that will regulate the friendly skies for drones. So what that means is, its time to have "The Talk" with our drones. You know that whole, “this has been fun but, is there really anything here?”. Do you really see yourself bringing your drone home to meet your parents, talking about it at work with your bros, whispering sweet nothings to it on Snapchat... for better or for worse its time to "Define The Relationship" with drones. Lets be honest though, we’ve needed to have this talk for a while. We’ve crossed over the friend zone and are now well into a full blown relationship with these machines. We bring them with us on nature hikes, we're always watching the sunset together, we're constantly posting beautiful photos we’ve taken together. Its time...time for us to either get serious or move onto something else. 

Breakfast @ ReBrand


We've been sharing Breakfast @ videos for a little bit now but it was only recently that we took a look at the idea of creating an official identity for it. Knowing we were going to continue to explore the series, this was a great exercise for our team to get in the kitchen and cook up a logo and identity from scratch. 

Tebow’s Turkey Bowl


Welcome ladies and gentleman to the 2014 Tebow Turkey Bowl. The Tebow Turkey Bowl is an event that’s held annually by none other than Tim Tebow, along with his crew of football loving family and friends, as a Thanksgiving tradition. This year, Fiction got an invite to join the festivities. Needless to say, we were excited and scared at the same time, knowing what fierce competitors the Tebow’s are.

Breakfast @:
The Coop

For real ya'll, Breakfast @ The Coop! John Rivers, the man behind 4 Rivers & our new, local chicken joint The Coop invited us into his test kitchen to try out a few of his breakfast recipes. This is pretty much the ideal situation for us, showing up to a decked out kitchen full of delicious breakfast food! We did some work in that place and left with a ton of leftovers, as well as a great sense of accomplishment. Even Mr. Rivers said, "They just ate and ate and ate. I thought for sure they'd get full, but they didn't! We could've kept cooking!" Well sir, cook on we say! Stay tuned and follow The Coop because word is, they will be serving some of these delicious breakfast plates soon. 



Its been a lil bit since the Stake Daddy and I have been out on the boat together. About the only thing that would get us out is to take the inaugural ride of our new custom FCTN Slingshot Nomad...

Noah Movie “Creation Clip”

Why We Like It: Its not a ground breaking effect, but the choice to use a stop motion type effect is a nice addition to an epic, over the top film like this. The fight sequence specifically is what caught our eye. Check it out in the sequence above, and read more to see the behind the scenes of building and shooting the ark on set.

Breakfast At Videri Chocolate Factory:
The Fat Kid Benedict

We once took a trip to Raleigh NC, to visit Videri Chocolate Factory's new coffee bar. We realized that their factory is across the street from an Amtrak station. So is Fiction. We've dreamed of the day that we could just walk over, hop on the train and take it straight from the FCTN Mothership to Videri's chocolate heaven. Well my friends, not only did we do just that, but we also shared a breakfast like no other. This is Breakfast At Videri Chocolate. 

PinnyTown from New Balance Numeric

Why We Like It: One of the most impressive things at The NAB Show for us was watching the guy at the RED Digital Cinema booth printing directly off the RED Dragon. This is a really great example of how that could work in the field shooting video and photos with the same device at exactly the same time. 

From the Description: This video is beautifully shot on Red Digital Cinema cameras for New Balance Numeric with stills being pulled for a print article in Transworld Skateboarding Magazine. We grabbed a few from the magazines site, see below. 

Travel Log:
Las Vegas

When we got home from The NAB Show in Vegas, we had all of this footage from our phones and travel cameras, a few time-lapse shots and ton of pics. We threw it all in a dropbox folder and sent it to our honorary Fiction travel crew @JonoSeneff, and he sent back this really fun edit that has us non stop smiling. Thanks Jono! Till next time Vegas...

COSMOS | Main Title Sequence

If you're going to remake one of the most influential educational series ever made, you have to do it at the right time, and with a lot of respect. Cosmos is a remake of Carl Sagan's 13 hour series that attempted to bring general scientific concepts to the masses during a time in our history when war and religious fundamentalists were ruling the airwaves. The remake of Cosmos has done a really great job of paying homage to this great show, and continues present the masses with visually stimulating illustrations of our current knowledge of science in a way that is digestible but also scientifically accurate. Check out the intro motion graphics of the show here and make sure you watch the rest of the series on the National Geographic Channel.

The Verge:
The Future Is Now

the futures is fiction

We had the amazing opportunity to be a part of Intel's "The Future is Now" series featured on The Verge. They featured our drone work and showed how we utilize these awesome tools. "The Future is Now is a 10-part video series that explores people and companies using Intel-powered technology to reinvent the future."

Special thanks goes out to Jordy KleinXCam Aerials, LLC for providing their rad custom RED helis. As well as a huge thanks to Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts and Ronix Wake for letting us shoot at their amazing locations. 

Hope you guys dig!

Blank On Blank | PBS Digital Studios

Why We Like It: Fresh takes on vintage interview tapes from cultural icons. These animations give new life and keep you engaged to what may otherwise be just looked over or forgotten interviews. From Blank On Blank's description: "The future of journalism is remixing the past."

NAB Show 2014:
Live Blog April 7 & 8

NAB Header logo

We're live at the NAB Show. Follow along as we wander the many rad happenings in the world of video production and technology. If you want us to check out something or more importantly, if you want us to go to In & Out while we're out here tweet us @fctn_life

Slow Life

Why We Like It: Easy, its beautiful. We're all used to seeing landscape time-lapses and appreciate the detail and time it takes to create them but this macro underwater perspective is truly otherworldly.

From Daniel Stoupin's description: "To make this little clip I took 150000 shots. Why so many? Because macro photography involves shallow depth of field. To extend it, I used focus stacking. Each frame of the video is actually a stack that consists of 3-12 shots where in-focus areas are merged." 

Field Test:
iPhone 5s Slo Mo

OK, So first and foremost its important to note that this is a camera on your cell phone. Secondly…. THIS IS A CAMERA ON YOUR FREAKING CELL PHONE!!!! When we saw the 30th Anniversary Apple commercial shot entirely on the iPhone, we were inspired to go out and test the slow mo capabilities of the iPhone 5s. What we found was not only surprisingly impressive, but also its kind of mind blowing when you think that only 5 years ago the iPhone was introduced without video capabilities and is now shooting higher frame rates than the majority of prosumer video cameras on the market. So go ahead and push play on the first of our new series called "Fiction Field Tests". We will be taking all kinds of new technologies out into the field with us and posting fun content for you to nibble on in the up coming months. Hope you guys enjoy and stay tuned for more!

Ted Talk with Ryan Holladay

We shared this Ted Talk a while back on our Facebook page, but decided it needed to live here on our blog in a new series we're calling, "We Like It". These posts will be marked with a little FCTN RED marker in the title and feature things we like, and why we like it. We're really proud of these guys and super fortunate to have worked with them. A note from the Ted site: "This talk was presented at an official TED Conference. TED's editors featured it among our daily selections on the home page."

Close Encounters Of The Phantom Kind


I've always loved the asthetic of the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind. I love how they used lights to imply the shapes of the UFO as opposed to spelling it out for the viewer. So I figured I would try to recreate a similar vibe with the DJI Phantom and see what would come of it. I attached some lights that I bought from Home Depot and shot some long exposure shots of the phantom flying around. I then brought them back into the computer and created some cool patterns in photoshop. Below are some of the comps I mocked up. I want to strap the worlds brightest flash light to it next and see what happens. Maybe fly it through a forest like a UFO with a tractor beam.

Fiction Wins Multiple ADDY’s

blog header drk

Hey! We won some ADDY Awards. 4 awards out of 5 submissions aint bad. Although we did win every single thing we submitted last year which was....just Gallagher. We are very proud of the work our crew has done and happy to sit along side some really fantastic creative work coming out of Orlando. We're also quite pleased to have shown a grown man in a speedo as well as a business card for the worlds first Analrapist at the Addy Awards Gala.

Live From CES 2014

featured image

We're at the International Consumer Electronic Show, socially known as #CES2014, live blogging all of the new gadgets and tools as well as anything from the show that strikes our fancy, which could literally be anything...

GiveawayFCTN Apparel Gift Box

swag box

You may have noticed we just got all new Fiction shirts and hoodies. We want to share the love and give you a box full of the new swag. We are going to pick 10 lucky retweeters to win one. Just Retweet this post from @FCTN_LIFE and we will randomly select from the first 100 people to retweet this post. 

Fiction Apparel Look Book

GiveawayFCTN Skateboards

fctn skate deck-5_1

We've been wanting Fiction Skateboards for a very long time. So, when Chase came across Natural Log, we knew we had to get them to make us some decks. Instead of designing them ourselves, we sent them our logos and let them run wild. When the boxes came in we were totally blown away with what they did with the designs. We can't wait to thrash Winter Park with these things! Thanks again to Natural Log for the great work.

Craft A Brew


We recently got a call from Craft A Brew, makers of a "brew your own beer" brew kit, who needed a demonstration video to help visualize the process of making your own beer. Now, clearly, we couldn't make a video showing how to use their kit without actually trying the product first. So, we acquired one of their American Pale Ale kits...

Happy Holidays From FICTION:
Christmas Sweater Givaway


Happy Holidays people! Everyone loves ugly Christmas sweaters...or do they? We decided to make our very own Fiction Christmas Sweater. Want to win one? We've got 10 extras with your names on them, just Retweet this post from @FCTN_LIFE and we will randomly select from the first 50 people to retweet this post. 

Breakfast At Black Bean Deli:
Ultimate Thanksgiving Leftover Edition

If theres one holiday that will leave you with weeks worth of leftovers... its Thanksgiving. If you're too stuffed to have breakfast the day after, you're definitely making a leftover sandwich for lunch, now its up to you how creative you get. Most families and people we know stick to the classic white bread, mayo and turkey...nothing wrong with that. Our crew here at Fiction decided to ask the question, "What would the ultimate, leftover sandwich look like?" We asked our buddy Andre Corton, owner of the famous Orlando cuban joint Black Bean Deli, how he would make a leftover sandwich. Behold, the "Ultimate After Sanksgiving Leftover Monte Cristo Sandwich"...

SOUL Electronics:
Combat Series

Recently, we had the opportunity to produce the Tim Tebow portion of Soul Electronic's video campaign for their new Combat Series headphones.  Not only are the performance-specific headphones legit, but we had a great time shooting with Tim, as always.  Check out some BTS photos from our shoot.

DJI Phantom:
What Is It And Why You Need One


I've been flying RC Airplanes for almost a decade now, always hoping that some day my love for RC flying and shooting images would come together and make beautiful aerial footage babies. Well people, that day is here! That's not to say that RC heli shooting hasn't been around, but to get into it required a professional level of experience in building and flying the machines, not to mention it being expensive. DJI has built the Phantom to cater to people just like me, who want a ready-to-fly machine that is easy and built for shooting. I decided to jump in and see what this thing was all about, and here is our official review of the DJI Phantom.

FCTN Product Test 003:
DJI Phantom

Lately, we've been really into RC helicopters and the amazing footage that they are capable of capturing. We decided to test out the DJI Phantom to see what this thing could really do and were pleasantly surprised when combining this easy-to-use quad copter with a Go Pro Hero 3. While traveling to places like The Isle of Man, Hawaii, the East Coast of Florida, and in our backyard in Winter Park over the last 4 months, we made sure to bring the DJI Phantom along with us.  Here is a reel we put together of some of our favorite footage. Let us know what you think...

Breakfast At Chase’s:
Homemade Chick Fil A Chicken Biscuits

"Breakfast At Chase's" is the second installment of our Breakfast At series. Here, Chase takes on the famed Chick Fil A Chicken Biscuit by making it from scratch, complete with homemade buttermilk biscuits. The requirements for hosting a Breakfast At are simple, making us food and reminiscing about Breakfast At Blairs. Even if you were not there, Blair helps catch you up to date with talk of mash bags, hummus and all the meats. 

Chase has mapped out his recipe below in detail of how he made this masterpiece, as well as helpful hints about how to make your own.

Tobias Funke Business Card

main pic cropHere in the Fiction office, we kept kicking around ideas to celebrate the new Arrested Development season coming out on Netflix this weekend. Being that we are now in the Final Countdown, we decided to cruise over to Mamas Sauce and re-create Tobias Fünke's hilarious business card as a 3-color letterpress print on super thick 220# Lettra stock - HUZZAH!...you know, just for fun. It's an ongoing joke in the series, so if for some sad reason, you "blue" it and havent watched it (*clears throat...Chase), all of this is going to be really confusing. For all the fans, read more for a chance to have a card of your own. We're literally giving them away..its practically A FIRE...sale.  

We Cant Golf

closest to pin-1Each year, we sponsor and film the Tim Tebow Celebrity Golf Classic. The foundation does great things for a lot of kids around the world, to learn more go to www.timtebowfoundation.org. As a perk, we also get to play in it. It's always fun anticipation to see who's going to be our celebrity teammate. This time around, we were not let down, fore (get it) we were teamed up with Alfonso Ribeiro. You most likely know him as Carlton Banks, and he's a serious golfer, with some serious skills (2 Handicap).

Publix Vine Ripe Tomatos

title8There are two things we undeniably really love, the first, obviously, is food &  second is RC Helicopters. When we got the call from Publix to shoot one of their tomato farms, we were super pumped when they mentioned aerial footage. Essentially, this is a perfect tri-fecta for us, working with the team at Publix, eating, and flying RCs. 

Breakfast At Nicks

Welcome to our new series entitled "Breakfast At". It all started when our buddy Blair over at Hog Eat Hog invited us over to his Airstream to have "Breakfast At Blairs". It was an intimate gathering of friends that we didn't document very well because that was not the purpose. We liked the idea so much though that we wanted to start the tradition of having breakfast at different friends houses. We've had other breakfast gatherings of varying success but when it was Nicks turn to host, it was a true celebration. Enjoy the video and keep an eye out for more.

Webby Honoree

g webby3The 17th Annual Webby Awards received 11,000 entries from all 50 US states and over 60 countries worldwide. Gallagher In Slow Motion was chosen along with only 9 other entries as an Honoree! There are 5 nominees in our category you can still vote on, we are happy to be in such a distinguished group, check out the other 9 Honorees here.



On a recent trip to San Francisco to announce the Shepard Fairey Mission Patch at the Engadget Expand Conference, we had to make a quick stop in Washington DC for some super important meetings. The first of which was with Shelton the Barber...

Videri Coffee Bar


Our buds at Videri Chocolate Factory in Raleigh, North Carolina just opened their new coffee bar exclusively serving Stumptown Coffee. ( If you are unfamiliar with Videri check out our video here ). They really know how to get our attention, throwing a party with free local Trophy beer, free chocolate samples, Stumptown coffee...umm yeah, we were not going to miss this. They also had artist Sean Marlin showing and hanging out. Needless to say it was a great time...