September, 2013

DJI Phantom:
What Is It And Why You Need One


I've been flying RC Airplanes for almost a decade now, always hoping that some day my love for RC flying and shooting images would come together and make beautiful aerial footage babies. Well people, that day is here! That's not to say that RC heli shooting hasn't been around, but to get into it required a professional level of experience in building and flying the machines, not to mention it being expensive. DJI has built the Phantom to cater to people just like me, who want a ready-to-fly machine that is easy and built for shooting. I decided to jump in and see what this thing was all about, and here is our official review of the DJI Phantom.

FCTN Product Test 003:
DJI Phantom

Lately, we've been really into RC helicopters and the amazing footage that they are capable of capturing. We decided to test out the DJI Phantom to see what this thing could really do and were pleasantly surprised when combining this easy-to-use quad copter with a Go Pro Hero 3. While traveling to places like The Isle of Man, Hawaii, the East Coast of Florida, and in our backyard in Winter Park over the last 4 months, we made sure to bring the DJI Phantom along with us.  Here is a reel we put together of some of our favorite footage. Let us know what you think...