May, 2013

Tobias Funke Business Card

main pic cropHere in the Fiction office, we kept kicking around ideas to celebrate the new Arrested Development season coming out on Netflix this weekend. Being that we are now in the Final Countdown, we decided to cruise over to Mamas Sauce and re-create Tobias Fünke's hilarious business card as a 3-color letterpress print on super thick 220# Lettra stock - HUZZAH! know, just for fun. It's an ongoing joke in the series, so if for some sad reason, you "blue" it and havent watched it (*clears throat...Chase), all of this is going to be really confusing. For all the fans, read more for a chance to have a card of your own. We're literally giving them away..its practically A  

We Cant Golf

closest to pin-1Each year, we sponsor and film the Tim Tebow Celebrity Golf Classic. The foundation does great things for a lot of kids around the world, to learn more go to As a perk, we also get to play in it. It's always fun anticipation to see who's going to be our celebrity teammate. This time around, we were not let down, fore (get it) we were teamed up with Alfonso Ribeiro. You most likely know him as Carlton Banks, and he's a serious golfer, with some serious skills (2 Handicap).

Publix Vine Ripe Tomatos

title8There are two things we undeniably really love, the first, obviously, is food &  second is RC Helicopters. When we got the call from Publix to shoot one of their tomato farms, we were super pumped when they mentioned aerial footage. Essentially, this is a perfect tri-fecta for us, working with the team at Publix, eating, and flying RCs. 

Breakfast At Nicks

Welcome to our new series entitled "Breakfast At". It all started when our buddy Blair over at Hog Eat Hog invited us over to his Airstream to have "Breakfast At Blairs". It was an intimate gathering of friends that we didn't document very well because that was not the purpose. We liked the idea so much though that we wanted to start the tradition of having breakfast at different friends houses. We've had other breakfast gatherings of varying success but when it was Nicks turn to host, it was a true celebration. Enjoy the video and keep an eye out for more.