March, 2013

Fiction Apparel

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Casis Mission Patch:
By Shepard Fairey

Part of our philosophy at Fiction is when we do something creative, we try to do something different and better than it has ever been done before. So, when our client CASIS  told us that they wanted us to do the mission patch for their inaugural flight, we knew that we not only had an amazing opportunity, but we really wanted to make sure we delivered something that represented forward thinking and relevance. When we started thinking about it internally, we knew that we had the ability to design the patch, but we wanted to think bigger than our circle of influence. When we sat down to talk about it in our creative meeting, the first words that came out of my mouth were, "Shepard Fairey should do this". Thinking this was just a shot in the dark idea, we all kind of looked at each other and said " well, we at least have to try ".  Nick, being the sophisticated pitch man he is, reached out to Shepard Fairey's team that day, and much to everyone's amazement, he responded very promptly with his interest in the project.

Welcome Josh McWilliams

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We are psyched to have Josh on our team as our newest Director. He just completed his first project for Fiction directing videos for Barn Light Electric, an incredibly cool lighting manufacturer and retailer based right here in Florida. We produced 3 videos highlighting what they do & how they do it. See the videos here.

Best Travel Camera

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The world of shooting and sharing photos has changed a lot in the last 5 years. The size of the screen that you view your photos on is getting increasingly smaller and the line between phone camera and amazing image quality is becoming increasingly blurry. I travel quite a bit and I have constantly been on the hunt for the perfect travel camera, and as loads of mega pixels become more and more portable, I struggle with whether its even worth it to bring a larger format camera or even a point and shoot camera on a trip with me. I took a couple of trips the first quarter of 2013 and decided to do a comparison of the Canon EOSM vs the iPhone 5 to give myself and hopefully you, the reader, a little clarity as to whether or not your smart phone camera is really all it's cracked up to be, and to answer the question, "Is shooting on a superior image really worth it, if at the end of the day people are only experiencing your photos on a 4 X 2.5 inch screen? "

Creative Mornings Orlando:
Nick Sambrato

This past February our VP Nick Sambrato was asked to speak on the theme of MONEY at Creative Mornings Orlando. If you are unfamiliar with Creative Mornings, its a monthly breakfast lecture series that focuses on a specific topic each month. There are chapters around the world from New York to Stockholm to Singapore, all contributing to the global conversation. Orlando being in this mix really says a lot about our community here and the talent that we have in the area.   

We were really proud of Nick and think he had a fresh take on how to raise the bar for our local creative class that is very applicable to all communities.