January, 2013

Love Letters

We are happy to present this video we contributed in helping Hamilton Wood Type + Print Museum. They are of great significance to the design world and are in need of assistance raising money for their forced relocation. Our friends at Mamas Sauce put together such a ridiculous cast of talented designers to create "Love Letters", a project that donates all proceeds toward Hamilton's very expensive move. It's a set of 7 letterpressed coasters: A, E, I , O, U, &, Y, all neatly packaged and available for purchase here. Huge thanks to Keegan Dewitt for helping us and contributing music for this video.

Read more for a special 'Things have come full-circle' story below...

Neon Graveyard

Recently while checking out all the new gadgets at CES in Las Vegas, a couple of us broke off and ventured towards old downtown Las Vegas to visit The Neon Museum. We figured it was a good idea to get away from the Roulette tables and flyer jockeys for a bit and have some good ol fashioned tourist museum fun. We were not really into the idea of going on the tour they make you go on but im glad we did...hearing the history and insane paranoid competiveness of the old casinos was really fascinating. Plus it was a fun to shoot the Canon EOS Mirrorless camera with touchscreen. Edited with VSCO 02 in Lightroom 4.


When we decided to go to CES this year it, was for 2 reasons. One, we love the future and companies that push it, and two, these things called " gadgets " are what we use to produce the work we love doing. CES is a hyper fusion of consumer electronics like TV's, car audio, and iPhone cases mixed with a massive number of professional camera companies like Canon, Sony, and Nikon, to name a few. The Fiction crew went to the conference, so we only thought it fitting to give you our best, worst, and most fun parts of what some people call CES, but what we call "Nerdfest 2013".

Impossible 8X10

Our photographer pal Bear stopped by on our first day back to work after the holidays with his Deardorff 8x10. He's been sitting on a pack of Impossible 8X10 polaroids waiting to test them out on a clearly, well rested FICTION crew. Besides the ladies, we definitely look like the morning after New Years Eve. If you remember our Ghostly Polaroids, these are similar but a lot sharper and impressively much larger, shot with a 360mm Super Symmer lens.