November, 2012

A Space Oddity

This space suit arrived the day before our crew was set to start a commercial ad shoot for our client CASIS. We couldn't resist taking it out for a stroll in our neighborhood. It was unreal the equal response of people freaking out at the sight of a space man walking down the street, and the complete opposite of people continuing on, like seeing a space man is a part of their every day norm. Here are just a few images we grabbed as the space man descended upon Winter Park, FL in search of the meaning of life.

Fiction Artist Series 001:
Blair Sligar of Hog Eat Hog

Part of what makes Fiction what, and who it is, are the talented artists we call friends. We've commissioned a handful of people to help create an atmosphere here at the Fiction Headquarters that reflects our tastes, and also allows the artist to shine at what they do best. We commissioned Blair to bring our brand out of the digital world and into the physical world by outfitting our work spaces and installing art pieces. This is the first installment of our Artist Series.

This is the work of Blair Sligar, lead designer and owner of Hog Eat Hog

Part II

When we left the Ape Shit Squad last, they were galavanting across the plains of Ethiopia. We catch up with them in Axum, an ancient city that dates back to biblical times. Chase is involved with a school in this area so we wanted to see the progress, and get to know some of the kids.