October, 2012

Halloween At The FCTN Office

No one is safe, even without scary masks!

Part I

The Ape Shit Squad is a crew of 5 travelers who traverse the globe in search of the most real experiences a human can have, we call it "Riding the Yeti". Our latest trip was to Ethiopia. Ethiopia is a land of many beautiful sites, smells, and people. For a couple of us, it was our first time, so the idea was to tour the country and look at the sites, some manufacturing processes, and visit a School that Chase is involved with in the northern part of Ethiopia.

Shop Dog:

Shop Dog Theo is a Newfoundland. Theo likes sleeping, slobbering, and being regal. His favorite Disney character is Eore, and his favorite food is whatever is in the trash. Theo enjoys saving people in the swimming pool, and farting in his sleep. His favorite color is baby blue and when he grows up he wants to explore the other side of the lake.

Mr. Carter

We received a last-minute call from Alliance Visual Experiences requesting our DP to shoot an interview with Lil Wayne at his skatepark in Miami. Luckily, Matt just received his pilots license and was able to get to the job quickly. We shot this using a Red Scarlet with a Canon mount on a dolly, and a Canon 5D for B camera.


This is what happens when we watch surf videos in the office, we take a half day and drive to the coast. Here's to hoping it becomes a regular series, especially after seeing the new Hero 3 Black Edition from GoPro. 

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Shop Dog:

The first installment in our shop dog series is with Steve. Steve is a french bulldog who likes being a jerk, itching his front foot with his back claw, and snoring. Steve has a tattoo on his penis, and weighs about 30 lbs. Steve's favorite color is purple, and his favorite band is the Henry Rollins Band. 

Fiction Product Test 002:
Scarlet Low Light Test

After many years of blissfully-ignorant happiness in the world of DSLR video capture, we here at Fiction have seen the light. What light is that? The beautiful light of RED 4k Raw footage imported directly into premiere and edited with no transcoding. It's a beautiful thing I must say. 

Client Perks

When one of your clients manages the International Space Station, you get the privilage to see first-hand the rockets that supply it. We are working on some incredible stuff for CASIS and they arranged for us to see the Falcon 9 a few days before it delivers a payload to the Space Station. This particular rocket is owned and operated by Space X, which you've probably heard mentioned in the news as it was started by Tesla Motors, and PayPal founder, Elon Musk.

Look forward to the Falcon launching Sunday, Oct 7 at 8:30pm, if weather permits. 

My Week with Gallagher

How do you say no to Gallagher when the phone call comes in that he’ll be down a week ahead of schedule? What does one do with ten days of Gallagher-time exactly? And, more importantly, how many life lessons does one learn, both directly and indirectly, from a 66-year-old veteran of comedy who once was the biggest name in the game? In order: You don’t say no, jump at any opportunity that leaves you with stories for life. Next, do whatever you would normally do for 10-days, only with Gallagher tagging along. The short answer to the latter; it’s immeasurable.